What Your Child Will Learn in Oak Meadow's Fourth Grade Course



Reading & Phonics

  • Reading children’s classics (Robinson Crusoe, Famous Legends, Island of the Blue Dolphins)

  • Developing critical thinking skills​

  • Developing skills through lessons coordinated with reading, spelling, and composition

  • Activities in a phonics workbook


Spelling & Vocabulary

  • Reinforcing correct spelling through daily exercises and spelling strategies

  • Reviewing commonly misspelled words

  • Introducing cross-curricular words

  • Integrating spelling with phonics, vocabulary studies, reading, and writing​


Reading & Poetry

  • ​Using the four-stage approach to write factual, creative, and descriptive compositions

  • Organizing keywords into phrases using shape planners

  • Writing poetry and letters​​

  • Memorizing

  • Reading for pleasure



  • Introducing verbs of being

  • Verb tense

  • Regular and irregular verbs

  • Pronouns

  • Subject complements

  • Comparing adjectives and adverbs

  • Punctuation skills



  • Featuring Math

  • Fluency and accuracy drills in four operations

  • Multiply, divide three digits

  • Understanding mixed numbers

  • Probability

  • Adding and subtracting decimals

  • Geometry

  • Comparing, adding, and subtracting fractions

  • Circle and line graphs

  • Measurement


  • Classifying living things

  • Matter and scientific measurement

  • Electricity, circuits, magnets

  • Vertebrates and invertebrates

  • Water resources

  • Human body and motion

  • Rocks and fossils



  • ​​Application lessons, activities, and online interactive learning tool integrated with curriculum

  • Practicing keyboarding and touch typing

  • Intermediate word processing and desktop publishing

  • E-mail

  • Database and Internet research

  • Using spreadsheets to create graphs and tables

  • Developing presentation software skills

  • Internet activities integrated with Science text



  • Students have the option of using two different history textbooks

  • Using Hillyer’sA Child's History of the World to conduct general survey of world history from earliest times to present

  • Featuring a history workbook with outlines and enrichment activities or, using Regions, focus on geography, history, economics, and people who live in different regions of the U.S



  • Focus on the five themes of geography to teach directions

  • Distances and scale

  • Various types of maps

  • Longitude and latitude



Art & Others 

  • Improving skills using lines, light sources

  • Motion integrated with history studies​​​

  • Thai & Chinese, Music, PE, etc


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