1. Fees upon registration 
 All fees must be paid in full before a student starts school. 

*Endowment fee: Parents have a choice of paying or not paying the Endowment fee, please see option A&B for details;


A: OPTIONAL Endowment fee (paid once; Non-refundable)


100,000Baht/child for Grade 1-12, 50,000Baht for/child for Kindergarten.  


The parents who paid for the Endowment fee will receive a lifetime discount of 40%.  


B: However, parents have a choice of not to pay the entrance fee, then a 20% discount will be applied to your child school fee.  

*Deposit:(Paid once only, refundable): 30,000Baht per child.  The refund policy applies.
*Book and stationary fee (paid yearly): 10,000Baht/child for Grade1-12, 5,000Baht/child for Kindergarten. This covers all academic books & online materials for the whole year also includes all the stationery and art materials needed for the year.

*Accidental insurance (paid yearly): 900Baht The accident insurance covers up to 20,000 Baht per accident. Comprehensive accident insurance is the responsibility of parents 

 2. Tuition Fees Original Fee Schedule  

Original Fee Schedule

Option A: Endowment fee paid 100,000Baht (School) or 50,000Baht (Kindergarten) 


Option B: No Endowment fee  



Tuition fee includes the following:  

*All cost related to procuring of curriculum and testing;

*All cost related to maintenance of the school property;

*Breakfast and lunch for all students;

*Termly and yearly report for all students

3. Additional charges


*All students must wear school uniforms; this can be purchased at the reception area.

*Extra-curricular classes offered in the afternoon

*Parents will be billed for any damage to school property incurred through negligence or rough play. 


4. Payment due dates / late payment fees

*The due date for termly school fees needs to be paid before each school holidays.        


                Term 1   25th June         Term 2   10th December        Term 3   1st April  


*If payment is overdue longer than the time allocated, the school may suspend service until payment has been made in full. 
*The late payment charge is 1000Baht per week/ 200Baht per day 
5. Discount For parents who didn’t pay for endorsement fees;

*The second child in school will receive a 5% discount on the Tuition fee. The third child in school will receive a 10% discount on the Tuition fee. For parents who paid endorsement fee;

*A 30% discount on tuition fees for the entire school life.  


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