1. Fees upon registration 
 All fees must be paid in full before a student starts school. 
*Administration and placement test fee (paid once, nonrefundable): 3,000Baht


This fee covers entrance tests; interviews; administration and registration; placement. 

Entrance fee: Parents have a choice of paying or not paying the entrance fee, please see option A&B for details;


A: Entrance fee (paid once; Non-refundable): 100,000Baht/child for Grade 1-12, 50,000Baht for/child for Kindergarten.  The parents who paid for the entrance fee will receive a discount of 30% on a permanent basis.  


B: However, parents have a choice of not to pay the entrance fee, then no discount will be applied to your child school fee. You will pay the original price every year onwards. 

OPTIONAL Endowment Fee:

(Paid once only, refundable): 30,000Baht/child for Grade 1-12, 20,000Baht/child for kindergarten.  The endowment fee will be refunded on the permanent withdrawal of the student. The child must be enrolled until the end of the academic school year.  Written notice of intention to withdraw must be given to the school office on or before the 31st of May.  

Book and stationary fee (paid yearly): 10,000Baht/child for Grade1-12, 5,000Baht/child for Kindergarten. This covers all academic books & online materials for the whole year also includes all the stationery and art materials needed for the year. 

Accidental insurance (paid yearly): 900Baht The accident insurance covers up to 20,000 Baht per accident. Comprehensive accident insurance is the responsibility of parents 

2. Tuition Fees 

Option A: Entrance fee paid 100,000Baht(School) or 50,000Baht(Kindergarten) 

Option B: No Entrance fee

Tuition fee includes the following: 

*All cost related to maintenance of the school property;

*Breakfast and lunch for all students;

*Termly and yearly report for all students


3. Additional charges

*All students must wear school uniforms; this can be purchased at the reception area.

*Extra-curricular classes offered in the afternoon

*Parents will be billed for any damage to school property incurred through negligence or rough play. 


 4. Payment due dates / late payment fees

*The due date for termly school fees needs to be paid before each school holidays.        


               Term 1   25th June         Term 2   10th December        Term 3   1st April 

*If payment is overdue longer than the time allocated, the school may suspend service until payment has been made in full.

*The late payment charge is 1000Baht per week/ 200Baht per day 

5. Discount For parents who didn’t pay for endorsement fee;


The second child in school will receive a 5% discount on the Tuition fee. The third child in school will receive a 10% discount on the Tuition fee. For parents who paid endorsement fee;


A 30% discount on tuition fees for the entire school life.  

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