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Exploring Oak Meadow Phuket International School Curriculum

At Oak Meadow Phuket International School, we are proud to offer a distinctive American curriculum that brings the renowned Calvert curriculum to life, right here in the vibrant setting of Phuket. 

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Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Empowering Education in the Heart of Phuket

Grade 1

Introduce your child to foundational subjects through interactive lessons and engaging activities.

Grade 2

Foster curiosity and independent thinking as students delve deeper into their studies.

Grade 3

Encourage critical thinking and well-rounded development through an exciting exploration of subjects.

Grade 4

Develop advanced skills and a love for learning while tackling more complex topics.

Grade 5

Expand horizons with interdisciplinary studies that prepare students for higher grades.

Grade 6

Cultivate interdisciplinary thinking and self-motivated learning through interactive projects.

Grade 7

Provide a comprehensive middle school experience, balancing academics and personal growth.

Grade 8

 Prepare for high school with advanced academics and opportunities for confidence-building and adaptability.

Grade 9-12

Navigate high school with our balanced curriculum, preparing you for higher education and beyond through academic excellence and personal growth.

Book your free demo day in school

Come join us to meet the teachers, see our campus, and immerse yourself in a world of fun and education. 

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