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Grade 3

In Grade 3, collaboration is integrated into lessons and projects. Learning will take place on a personal level cultivating a deeper understanding of subjects. The Singapore Math Method continues to build on concepts taught in Grade 2.

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English Language Arts

Students read cross-curricular texts to increase subject knowledge and practice complex phonics concepts. Lessons include dally writing and fun projects like composing an advertisement about living in an extreme environment.

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Virtual labs provide an opportunity for students to practice gathering evidence and defending their claims. The Grade 3 curriculum weaves S.T.E.M. skills into lessons to spark a child's curiosity about these fields. Students learn about plant and animal reproduction, inheritance, and life cycles by devising a plan to save the bee population.

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Social Studies

This year, students develop ideas for helping their communities and starting their own business. Project-based learning helps students grasp the concepts of economics. Students learn about civics by developing and implementing a community service project

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Lessons employ active digital resources such as a digital place-value chart, used with base-ten blocks to model addition and subtraction, and a digital beam balance to practice mental Math and estimation. Students learn
about angles and lines, polygons, and area and perimeter by designing a wildlife sanctuary.

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Physical Education

Children learn about warm-up and cool down, water safety, goal setting, nutrition, muscle strength and flexibility and are required to participate in regular physical activity.

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Art & Picture Study

Budding artists learn drawing skills using lines, light sources, and motion while discussing and analyzing famous works of art.

Fundamental reading and writing skills are intertwined so students learn them organically and with purpose.


Quick Checks - auto-graded assessments to
gauge understanding

Math In Focus G3 e-text

Math In Focus Digi +

Pearson ReadyGen Text Collection G3 e-text

Pearson ReadyGen Reading Collection G3 e-text

HMH Science Dimensions 3 e-text

HMH Science Fusion Virtual Labs

Legends of Learning Games

BrainPOP Jr. Interactive Activities

McGraw-Hill - Networks Social Studies: The United States; Communities and Neighbors e-book

Discovery Education STREAMING Videos

ExploreLearning Gizmos Online Simulations

HMH Science Dimensions You Solve It Simulations

Pearson ReadyGen Library e-texts:


Hunter's Money Jar

Whose Is This?

Time to Sleep

Arbor Day Square

The Sun

The Winner's Choice

Far From Home

How a Seed Grows

Ecology and the Environment

Ecology and the Environment

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