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Grade 6

Students build their autonomy and explore topics through inquiry-based learning and STEM activities.

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English Language Arts

Texts from different genres and periods are introduced. After reading Bud, Not Buddy, students reflect on their life experiences and write their own set of rules to live by. They will also study editorials and how they convey opinions, culminating in writing not only their own editorial, but also an opposing editorial. This exercise introduces them to the art of creating a sound argument.

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Social Studies

Students are captivated by the past as they study ancient
civilizations that include Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and the Roman Empire, as well as early Asian, American, and African Empires; Europe's Dark Ages through the Renaissance and Reformation; and on into the Age of Enlightenment. Students create an interactive exhibit comparing and contrasting the ways knowledge and opinions were disseminated during the Renaissance/Reformation as compared to modern day.

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Grade 6, the focus is on Earth Sciences. Students stud
nature of Science, measurement, data collection and analysis, and engineering design principles as a foundation for conducting scientific investigations. Earth Science topics such as astronomy, geology, oceanography, and meteorology are explored through inquiry-based learning and STEM activities that encourage scientific thought.around the world.

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Students draw on problem-solving skills and prior knowledge to develop an understanding of numbers and operations, compare numbers with percents and ratios, write and evaluate algebraic expressions, study the area 
of triangles and other polygons, and summarize data distributions. students learn by planning an event
here they must create a menu, determine quantities 
base the number of attendees, and then calculate pay 
rate, sales tax, and gratuity.

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Middle school students can choose from a selection of electives. See page 14 for a complete list of elective courses and descriptions.

Project-based learning brings subject matter to life and encourages creative thinking.


Quick Checks - auto-graded assessments to
gauge understanding

Pearson MyPerspectives ELA e-texts

Math In Focus G6 e-text

Pearson ReadyGen Text Collection G6 e-texts

Math In Focus Digi +

Anything but Typical

Bud, not Buddy

HMH ScienceFusion Virtual Labs

PrepMagic Simulations

McGraw-Hill - Discovering World Geography e-text

BrainPOP Interactive Activities

Discovery Education STREAMING

McGraw-Hill - Discovering Our Past:
A History of the World e-text

ExploreLearning Gizmos Online Simulations

Legends of Learning Games

HMH Science Fusion e-texts:

The Dynamic Earth

Earth's Water and Atmosphere

Space Science

Ecology and the Environment

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