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Oak Meadow International School Phuket

A Multi Nationality
Hub for 
Global Minds

Embracing Diversity: Your Gateway to Global Education in Phuket

Students from All Nations Thrive Here!

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Embracing Cultures from Around the Globe 

Our international school in Phuket embraces a rich tapestry of cultures from across the world. With students representing diverse nationalities, we create an inclusive learning environment that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual.

Every year, we host International Day, a vibrant showcase of cultural diversity, uniting our students from around the world to celebrate and share their rich traditions and heritage.

Our Unforgettable Annual International Celebration!

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Embrace Your Heritage and Celebrate Diversity Together!

Empower your children with a strong sense of cultural pride as they joyfully embrace their own heritage while fostering a deep appreciation for diverse cultures. Together, let's nurture an inclusive world where every child finds unity in celebrating differences

Discover Oak Meadow Phuket: 
Your Gateway to Quality Education in Phuket

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